What we saw at Expo West
April 30, 2024
What we saw at Expo West
April 30, 2024

Key trends from the U.S that aren’t in the UK yet

It was Tomorrow Brand’s first trip to Expo West and we were absolutely blown away by the energy, the ideas and the sheer size of it.  There’s just nothing on the same scale here in the UK.

A few of the very many trends we spotted, things we think would do really well here in the UK too: 

The Shroom Boom

There were mushrooms everywhere- functional mushrooms, mushroom jerky, in supplements, in snack bars, in drinks- mushrooms mushrooms everywhere. It's emerging in the UK for sure, but shows we're at the tip of the iceberg currently.

'Grass fed'

Meat and dairy are back, but make it 'grass fed'- this claim is on everything.

Gut health

But you don't need to talk about it- the U.S market is much more mature on this than we are here, kombucha brands don't need to explain why they are good for you, everyone knows by now.


mushrooms (again) but l-theanine too.

Clean energy

yerba mate being the big one.


and actually this was a trend all of its own, not just in drinks, supplements too, sea moss is an ingredient I've not seen at all here which is apparently good for hydration.


being dominated by a couple of key brands, but a lot of smaller and emerging ones too much like in the UK at the moment.

Female owned/founded/focussed

This being called out a lot more prominently, still in the minority though. Products targeting women's health- menopause, libido.

'Healthy pasta'

Using legumes to make pasta healthier, saw a few different 'healthy pasta' brands- probiotoic, high protein, high fibre. 

Snack bars

Chilled bars are a thing (new sub category alert) saw this in stores too. Lots of other interesting innovation in snack bars too, some new ones I need to try out on the world's most discerning customers (aka my kids).


some interesting new formats to help people get more greens- powders, supplements and even lolly pops (again, need to try those out on the kids)


some lovely premium stuff going on in sauces and chilli sauce

World cuisine

Italian food seems to be having a moment especially, but there were global influences everywhere from condiments (see above) to flavours of pasta, sauces, bagged snacks and even snack bars

And so much more… we’re already looking forward to next year’s show!